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Full Circle Africa is built as a 21st-Century firm focused on venture finance, industrial finance and managing operating assets. Our commitment to Africa comes from decades of leadership, insight and perspective on the ground.

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Why Full Circle Africa

Why we are the best partners for you

The founders and teams we back are high-growth in their outlook and composition. Whether start-ups or scale-ups, we seek those solving big problems in ambitious ways. Full Circle Africa ensures mutually-beneficial “fit” with capital and culture across a variety of industries and markets.

Our Chairman and Executive Team bring broad Pan-African experience and sector expertise. We have a wide skillset with decades of time spent delivering and scaling businesses across dozens of countries.

The firm's experience includes dealing with and solving structural issues, government and public sector challenges and policy advisory and implementation. The firm's insights and wisdom building and operating large businesses in a variety of environments gives us the character and command to advise companies. Overall, we have hired, built and run large teams.

We're keen for you to discover our background and interests by looking at our angel portfolio. With a wide range of investments, the breadth of the portfolio demonstrates our interests in Africa and abroad. Always seeking to bring expertise and best practice inward, but listening and focusing on local-led and locally-owned solutions.

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